Posted by: illinigirl | October 18, 2010

A favorite memory with Dad

We were talking about this over the weekend because I’ve been meaning to blog about this for several weeks now. . .

When my sister and I were little. . . like, me in 2nd grade and Sarah in preschool. . . we lived out in the country, and TV shows were not always much of an choice because cable wasn’t an option, and we only had four choices. . . until. . . we procured a satellite dish!

We could then watch Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.  It was like a whole new world.

Mom and Dad started letting us eat our cereal in the living room on TV trays in the morning so we could watch a show.  In the EARLY morning, “Lassie” was on Nickelodeon.

Now, the credits of “Lassie” was an important time for us.  We would always get on all fours on our chairs (me on the recliner, Sarah on the couch, Dad on the floor). . . and sit there, and listen to the music and stare at the TV.  When Lassie raised his paw, we raised our “paws” up. . . and I swear, in one credit, he used to bark, but I can’t find that one on youtube.  We barked, too.  Dad started this routine with us, and he also did this routine with us every day before leaving for work and kissing us goodbye.  Mom was probably roped into this at least once in her life.

I love having a weird and fun dad. . . made us the weirdos we are today.  🙂



  1. If you were a true fan you would know that Lassie is a SHE not a HE! Tell me girl what is it? Timmy fell down a well?!?

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