Posted by: illinigirl | October 5, 2010

God bless flushing and toilet seats. . .

Interesting fact about Greece. . . you are instructed not to throw toilet paper in the toilet. . . it must be thrown in the trash.

Can we say, “Ewww?”

The bathrooms in Greece. . . well. . . they smell like. . . well, you know.  It has that nursing home/urine smell.  It’s really sad to say that, but it’s true.

The sewer systems cannot handle toilet paper in most areas. . . so you throw your used paper in a trash can near the toilet.  I think it’s neat that this article claims it doesn’t generally smell.  These people are full of it.

I had many “accidents” where the paper went in the toilet because it’s just 2nd nature to do it.

Then, we saw this picture in a restaurant. . .

Apparently, only the devil flushes his toilet paper. Good to know.

After seeing this sign, every time I would mistakenly flush toilet paper. . . I would yell from the bathroom, “DANGIT. . . I’M GOING TO HELL!”

Also, let’s take a look at a lovely place we visited in Paros.  YES, I had to pee BADLY. . . there was no waiting for another opportunity. . . so I had to do a squatting maneuver. . . and yes, of course I’ve done this in a corn fields before so it wasn’t that big of a deal. . . BUT this time, I was laughing so hard that it made this maneuver a serious challenge.

Uh. . . yeah.

Ahh, the comforts of home. . . 😉


  1. that’s just gross.
    some flight attendants that went to china said that the bathrooms in some places were just holes in the ground. yuck.

  2. OK, this just might be too much information!

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