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Paros–Day #2

Here’s the thing about Europe, in general. . . but particularly on islands.  No one wakes up early.  There’s the concept of “island time”.  The lady who owned our favorite jewelry shop in Santorini talked to us about this.  The shops open late. . . and then usually people take an afternoon nap. . . and then the shops are open late.  Her shop was open until midnight!  She asked how early we woke up for our jobs, and freaked out!  She couldn’t believe it.
Our hotel’s breakfast didn’t even start until 9:00 a.m.!
Paros was the same.  The breakfast at our hotel started at 8:00 a.m., but we decided to go to our favorite cafe ~8:30 a.m.  The breakfast looked sooo good there, and we had a really good meal there the day before.
We arrived at the restaurant, which was only a little over a block away from our hotel.  There was an older lady there who did not speak much English.  We asked if they were open.  She motioned to wait. . . and we almost left.  She came back out and put her hands under her head and closed her eyes to say “sleeping”. . . and then made the sign of a phone.  She also said, “No bread.”  Liz was smart enough to gather through the game of charades that she had to call the waitress and wake her up!!!
Five minutes later, the young waitress was FLYING in on her bicycle with bread.  It was truly impressive.
WE FELT SO BAD.  If she spit in our food, it’s difficult telling. . . but I didn’t get sick on the trip. . . so oh, well.  That day, we learned that we should go to the bakery, which is open earlier, if we are hungry in the morning!
WAIT until you see the food pictures.  I get hungry just thinking about this place. . .

This was our favorite restaurant in Paros. . . the Galaxy Cafe! Tasty! 🙂

Pool at our hotel. . . but who needs a pool, when the ocean is the perfect temp and is right there?

I thought the view of the beach from the windows was cool with the contrast in light.

On a driveway. . .

My bikini with the beach in the background. Haha 🙂 YES, I was wearing other clothes when I took this picture.

Next up: Winery


At the winery

Tasting! (and quite reddish, splotchy, and burned, I might add. . . pretty!)

One of the wines we liked. . .

After the winery, we decided to go to another town.  We were told that most of the towns would be shut down for nap time (hello) so we went to the port town, which people said would be open.  Note:  the port town was okay, but I’m so glad we didn’t stay in a hotel there!

The church of 100 doors. . .

Really pretty. . . A Greek Orthodox Church
A picture from the balcony
I felt weird being in this church because a) I didn’t feel I was covered properly (skirt and tank top) and b) It was not Catholic. I went sneaking around as if I thought I would be kicked out. Also, it was just weird because it was so quiet, and no one was around.
After we looked at the church. . . we went to find hats because we would need them for kayaking.  Of course, as soon as we bought hats. . . I saw this hat down the street.

The hat that got away. . .

Oh well.  Had to wear a baseball cap.  😉

We stopped for ice cream and coca-cola across from the water. . .

The beach in Pirikia. . .

Then. . . back to Naoussa (pronounced Now-sow). . .
Kids playing


Love the light. . . sun is disappearing!



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