Posted by: illinigirl | September 28, 2010

Deep thought o’ the day: Does spam ever WORK?

Not talking about the “meat” spam. . . but email spam!  Just pondering this as I delete my blog spam. . .

Who goes into their email and sees an email from somebody they don’t know, and opens it. . . and then is dumb enough to click on the link?

  • Drunk people?
  • Old people?
  • Bored people?

Are there *still* people that think. . . “Hmmm, these email says that I won a bazillion dollars, and all I have to do is send them my bank account info!  WAHOO!!!”

Hmmm. . .



  1. I often think the same thing – but on Intervention the other night the kids were talking about their dad who was hooked on morphine and he has sent $600,000!!!! to these scammers over the last few years – can you freaking imagine? I think i would take the guys computer away!

    PS – Amazing Race is back – no team is comparable to Jett and Cord in my opinion… 😦 oh well i will continue to watch – i have yet to pick my favorites for this season. 🙂

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