Posted by: illinigirl | September 19, 2010

Pardon the interruption of Greece blogging. . .

but you’ve got to see the cute visitors that came to see me this weekend. . .

I love the hot-diggity dog shirt

So big

Tessa at the spa! (a.k.a. Aunt Hannah's sink)

Tyson is not so sure about the spa. . .

Good Saturday morning!

I love my headband!

I love my mommy!

I love my grandma, too!

My mom bought me some headbands so I look more like a girl! 🙂

I am so chunky (but cute!) 🙂

My great-grandma makes me smile!

This highlights the size of my nose (but it's too cute not to post).


Mommy and Tyson at the mall

I am too cute for words. . .

We were so good playing on the floor!

I am skyping with my daddy!


Good Sunday morning! 🙂

Bye-bye everyone



  1. Too too too cute!!! I think I even loved these pictures better than Greece! Amazing!!

  2. Looks like you all had a pretty great weekend. Love the pics!

  3. Good thing you took pictures because I sucked. Love them especially the bath ones…too bad we didn’t get pictures of me hosing them down with the sink sprayer!!!

  4. super cute!!

    i think tessa looks like the pictures you’ve posted of you and sarah when you were little!

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