Posted by: illinigirl | September 12, 2010

Santorini–Day #2

Such a beautiful day our second day in town. . . we didn’t have plans this day, and it was awesome. . .

This is where we ate breakfast in the mornings at our hotel. *Aaaahhh*. . . serenity.

LOVE the orange chairs so I had to do some creative photography. 🙂

We walked around and took tons o’ pictures in the morning. . . so yeah, I have tons o’ pictures to share.

This is one of my favorites. . .

This was on the side of a restaurant. I could spend DAYS taking pictures of all the little details. . .

Cute cafe


We were heading all the way to the Northern tip of the island. . .

Then. . . we hung out at our awesome pool, and I got the 2nd part of my three-part sunburn.

Then. . . we saw this. . . and decided it was time to meet the donkeys.  We were both a little scared about this, seeing as donkeys at heights sounded a little nerve-racking. . .  but we HAD to do it.

Others on the donkey trail. . .

We walked downward. . . and I complained the whole way thinking and saying. . . “Holy hell, if we aren’t able to have the donkeys take us back up these stairs, I might die.  I’m not sure how many stairs go from top to bottom. . . but I would venture to guess there are hundreds. . . and in places, they are steep.  The donkeys don’t go all the way to the top. . . but I knew I was going to need some help.

Um, yeah. . . the donkey path was *pretty* poopy. :"

Anticipation. . .

Holy cow. . . or holy donkey. . . they really take off at first clomping up the steps.  SO FUNNY.  Liz’ donkey had the lead spot. . . but my donkey passed him at one point.

Then, after taking the lead. . . my donkey STOPPED and held up the whole line.  Nice.  The only freaky thing is that they get really close to the walls, and they are low at some points so you just hope you won’t fall off.  Also, my legs were a bit sunburned, my donkey came soooo close to scraping my legs against the walls.  The whole ride probably only lasted 5-10 minutes. . .

Liz and her donkey

I took some pictures with donkey ears in the them. 🙂

It was VERY difficult to take pictures while on the donkeys. . .

When my donkey was taking the lead from Liz' donkey!

Me and my donkey. . . 🙂

Thanks, buddy for an entertaining ride!

I’ll post my sunset pictures from this night separately. . . what a great day!  😀



  1. Once again…AWESOME! and I can’t even pick a favorite picture, they are all so wonderful. It feels like i was there!!!!!!!! LOVE the little detail pictures!

  2. wow. i think eric and i may have to add santorini to our european itinerary.

  3. beautiful! santorini is gorgeous.

    and you’re way braver than i am, riding the donkey up the stairs. no way!

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