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Santorini–Day #1

Liz and I had a massage appointment at 9:00 so we bought some fruit and bread to eat in the morning. . . (oh, and I bought some chocolate).  I couldn’t sleep in the morning so I went out on our terrace to eat.  On the islands, most people don’t wake up until 8:00 or 9:00. . . and they take naps. . . and stay up much later.  For example, the jewelry stores stayed open until midnight during the week!  I would very much enjoy island time.  🙂

Given this way of life. . . the mornings are soooo peaceful and quiet.  It’s very nice.

My breakfast of grapes and white chocolate Krunch. 🙂

And then. . . I thought I felt sudden raindrops. . . but nope, a bird splattered poop all over me and the table.  So much for my lovely time on the terrace!


Imagine if you opened your window every day and walked into this. . .

Lots of dogs in Santorini, too. . . they were so cute. We had three dogs following us part of the way to our massage appointment. 🙂

The spa

This place was really, really cool . . . and there are four or so hotel rooms attached to the spa. Looked beautiful.

Okay, this is the room, but it was difficult to get a picture with the lighting. It was a really beautiful space. We were supposed to have our massages outside, but it was a bit chilly outside.

I will do another entry about the massage!  It was wonderful and uber-relaxing!

Ah, hello again, Oia!

This is our hotel office. Out hotel only had eight little cave homes, a breakfast area, and a pool. Such a neat place with a wonderful manager.

Not sure if you can see him. . . but there's a hummingbird in the flowers. I love, love, love these flowers. They are everywhere. . . and are so vibrant and such a contrast to the white and blue buildings.


In the afternoon. . . we went on a boat ride.

The boat was a smaller boat. . . only 6-8 people on it riding around the island of Santorini.  It was pretty amazing. . . BUT there is this less than fun thing called seasickness!  😦  It wasn’t horrible because we stopped a number of times. . . but still less than fun at times.  :\  I’m still so glad we did this though.  Santorini is an island with a unique landscape everywhere you turn. . . black, white, and red sand beaches.  A volcano, etc.  Between driving around to pick everyone up and our boat ride, we had a chance to see it all!  We left from a port towards the bottom of the map. . . not exactly sure where. . . and then went around the tip past the lighthouse. . . and by the volcano. . . and back.  Just so you know, we stayed in “Oia” (pronounced EE-uh) towards to the of the map.

We were with a couple from London, a couple from Philly, a couple from South Africa (now living in London), and one of the girl’s parents from South Africa.  Everyone was really nice, and it was nice to learn about the different places they live and the travels they’ve had.  We saw some of the other boats, which were HUGE, and I was glad we had a smaller group because I felt like we got the chance to get to know each other better.

We had food along the way. . .

I bought these sunglasses in Athens because (per usual), I couldn’t find my sunglasses before I left on this trip.  These were 10 Euro *Raybans*. . . and boy do you get what you pay for!

This happened at least three times on the trip!

Aaaand, we're off!

Red sand beaches

Porcelain cliff. . .

We got out to swim somewhere around here. . . not sure where exactly we were!

The water was nice. . . pretty warm!

One of the girls on the boat took a picture of all the swimmers! This is just some of the group. The girl from South Africa and her dad, a guy from London, and the girl from Philly. . . and Liz and I.

That's a house on a hill, for sure. . .

But we were told that construction on this house was stopped ten years ago because the people couldn't afford it any longer. It's weird that no one has taken over the project in that time. . . but maybe it's a structural nightmare or there are other issues?

Lighthouse on the very southern tip of Santorini

Then we went to the volcano to swim in the hot springs. . .

Over by this building was where the water was the warmest.

From our boat, only the couple from London, the dad, the guy from South Africa, and I swam all the way to the church.  It was pretty stinky/sulfury. . . and the captain told us to be careful not to rub against any rocks or anything because we would turn orange.  LOVELY!  🙂  It was pretty fun though.  The dad and the guy from South Africa were hilarious so at times, I was laughing to hard that it was difficult to swim.  The dad ended up getting up on those rocks and stuff and walking around.  It’s pretty dirty/yucky. . . and I guess no one really lives on this other than a fisherman who only stays part of the year?  I’m not sure if they were pulling my leg. . . or not because I’m not sure who would want to live here!

While we were swimming. Our captain started grilling dinner! Turkey, sausages, etc.

There was a pirate ship docked next to us playing really good music. The dad from our boat prepared for a mission for swimming over to the ship to get some beer because we only had wine. . . but the mission was aborted, as they wouldn't give him any beer. 🙂

Okay, my stomach was pretty queasy so I didn't eat much. . . but I did have two slabs of turkey. HOLY COW! The seasoning on this was sooooooo good. They marinaded it and then put lemon juice over the top like my dad would do. Sooooo good.

There were also Greek salads and such. . . but I'm not into Greek salads. . . and wasn't feeling so hot. Poor Liz couldn't eat at all and just laid down. 😦

Then we took off again. . . and the sunset was starting to take shape!

Shadows are dumb, but oh well. . .

Anna from London, Liz, and I. . .

Uh-oh. . . clouds! . . . but still pretty!

One of the people on our boat called this island "Tiramisu". . . I think it's actually called "Aspronisi". . . and we were told it's for sale for ~4 million Euros if anyone's interested. . .

The sun is back. . . for a bit!

But then the clouds started eating up the sun! 😦

Despite the clouds, it was a beautiful sight. . .

They brought out peaches for one last snack. LOVED all the fruit in Greece!!!

The dad couldn't wait to get a beer when we got back to port! 🙂 We learned a lot about South Africa from him. . .

What an amazing, amazing day. . . so much ground was covered, and it was only our first day!  Fun times. . .


  1. Mamma Mia !!!!!! These are all SOOO good, except for that one of chunk of meat! hehe (I don’t know, looked not so good to me??!!) All I know is I REALLY want to replicate the one of the umbrella and spa entrance, with the flowers along the path of the stairway!!!!!! OMG…I WANT that SOMEWHERE in my house…just like that!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS Hannah!!!

  2. Absolutely amazing! The spa looked wonderful and the ocean scenery was unbelievable.

  3. I love reliving it (despite the naseousness)! So much fun!

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