Posted by: illinigirl | September 7, 2010

Athens–Day #1

Let’s start at the very beginning.  A very good place to start. . .

I actually slept on the plane a bit.  Not much. . . but some!  MUCH better than last year.  We didn’t have our own TV’s like last year so this was a bummer. . . because I watched ~5 movies last year. . . The good news is that I nearly finished my book!  Also, in good travel karma, I had an empty seat next to me.  In dumb news, the old lady two seats away woke up every few hours and asked me how long she slept.  Lady, I’m not your keeper, and I haven’t been sitting here watching you sleep and keeping track!

I had been talking to a work colleague based in Athens, and he recommended our hotel.  Very nice. . . outside the city. . . but not too far away. . .

We arrived after lunch and were STARVING after a long flight so we ate ASAP.  We already had a fail because we forgot to pick up our ferry tickets up at the airport, but luckily we were heading back the next day.  I would have been so mad!

We practiced our first Greek word over, and over, and over at lunch. . . “Efharisto”. . . “Thank you.”  🙂

This picture off the balcony is dumb. . . because we actually had a view of the water, which I don't think you can see here. . . and the pool was way cool. Not sure why I focused this way!!!

Big hotel. . . yet we were only in our room for approximately 4 seconds!

We then went into Athens for shopping because we didn’t have much time in Athens when shops were going to be open!

Sandals. . . but I didn't buy any because they didn't seem comfortable at all. . . like walking on a wooden board. Yes, clearly I'm not a fashionista.

MORE sandals!

Evil eye charms, jewelry, etc. everywhere. . . It's good luck!

Here’s the necklace I purchased for myself. . . love it.

Ruins alongside the shopping areas

You can see the Acropolis from all over. . . (Yes, it's difficult to see in this picture.)

Loved the stairs in this shop. . .

For Pat 🙂

Okay, then we were starving again. . . and  DYING of tired.

We went to a place near our hotel.  I won’t post all the pics because they have to be posted in the food post. . .

Yummy bread and meat!

Loved the lights here!

We were literally falling asleep at dinner. . .





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