Posted by: illinigirl | August 26, 2010


He texted me again today. . . but just to say they were watching my house while I’m on vacation (which I’m not on vacation yet).  I think he is trying to make it not awkward. . . and hoping I don’t say anything to his wife/gf. . . and probably so I don’t say to my co-worker who knows them.

I texted my buddy who sits in the office next to me at work to tell him about it.  He’s married and has a baby, and I showed him the text the Monday after this happened.  He’s a good guy and is totally appalled. . . and could not get over the whole thing either.  He jokingly says that I should blackmail him or scare the bejesus out of him and show up to the house to talk to the wife when he’s in the yard.  I won’t do that.  My buddy texted back, “You know he’s losing sleep!”. . . I hope he is, and that’s fine by me!



  1. so weird.

    nice to have confirmation from the working buddy that this is all very uncomfortable…

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