Posted by: illinigirl | August 22, 2010


There is just no better way to describe my feelings right now!

All of my neighbors who I’ve met have been really nice. . . helping me with stuff and offering to help me with stuff.  Helping my mom get into my house when she was locked out, etc.  🙂  Unfortunately, the neighbors who helped Mom moved away. . . but the other neighbors are nice.  One of my neighbors suggested I talk to some other neighbors to find a landscaper because theirs was really good.  They are a couple ~my age.  Don’t honestly know if they are married or bf/gf. . . can’t remember.  I had met the girl before, but never the guy.  I went over one day to get the landscapers info, and the guy was there alone.  He was really nice, but he couldn’t remember the landscapers name or find the info after looking in a folder of their house stuff.  I gave him my phone number and told him if they remembered it, to give me a call.  The next day, they left the name of the landscaper in my mailbox, as they were heading out of town in the morning.

Great!  I have a landscaper. . . and I have nice neighbors!

Last week, I got a text from the guy asking if I’d decided to go with the landscaper.  I told him yes and apologized for my unsightly yard.  We texted back and forth a bit more, as it turns out that one of his friends works with me. . . and they realized the connection Friday night when the friend and his wife where over at his house.  He said that his friend almost came over to my house to get me that night. . . and that I should let them know when I’m home some night so I can join them for a drink.  I told him I was having a party sometime and would be sure to invite them.  It was just a quick series of texts. . . and I was left with the thoughts of. . . Yay!  Nice neighbors!  Boo to them being a couple and to me being a single wheel at whatever functions they host. . . but whatever. . . I have some couple friends who don’t make me feel uncomfortable so it’s still hope for more friends in town.

Okay, so last night I am on the phone with Liz. . . and I get a text from the dude telling me that his wife was home and asking if I wanted to come and meet him at a party.  Uh, I was confused. . . I read the message to Liz and said. . . “It almost sounds like he wants me to meet up with him without his wife!  But NO!  It can’t be that.  I must be misunderstanding.  Maybe he wants me to go over to their house and pick her up and we meet him together?  Yes, yes. . . that must be it.”  Liz let me go so I could text him back and understand what was going on. . . and YES, he did want me to meet up with him without his wife.  JIGGA-WHAT???

A)  This is SO weird to me.  This is so not stuff that happens to me.  I am so naive and don’t want to believe that this stuff even happens.

B)  This guy is not like a creepy old guy or something. . . and doesn’t seem like a creep.  Period.  Unfathomable.

C)  This guy doesn’t even know me very well. . . and while I don’t know his wife well, I do know her!  I live nearby. . . also, my co-worker is friends with him.  Why in God’s name would he ask me to do this?  Also, what would people at the party think if I was the type of girl to show up???

Okay, so I texted him back and told him I would never feel right doing this.  He apologized several times and said to just disregard. . . and that he was just trying to be friendly and wasn’t trying to do anything else.  He seemed really embarrassed, as he should be.

Here’s where the awkwardness comes in. . . HE IS MY NEIGHBOR!  I am never, ever home. . . but still, there is plenty of potential for seeing them, and it’s just WEIRD.  I still can’t think of him as a scumbag, as it just seems completely against his nature, but I suppose I should.  I’m wondering now if they are having problems. . . or if this is just a moment of temporary insanity?

Anyways, I’m not telling her because I’m just staying out of it.  Hopefully he will fix whatever is going on, and they can all live happily ever after.

In other news, it’s exciting that an attractive young guy finds me attractive. . . it’s not exciting that he is married!  Then again, there are only approximately two single guys in the surrounding counties so I suppose odds are better for a married guy to find me attractive than a single guy.

Crazy, my friends. . . crazy.


  1. WHAT???? weird, weird and even weirder BUT you handled it the right way. when i first started reading this post, i really thought you were going to say that they asked you to join them in a 3-some.

  2. WHOA. so weird. i have to agree with suzanne that you handled it well.

    please blog any follow up information…like when you see him while you’re both out getting your mail, etc.

    ps…are you sure he’s married???

  3. Sooo, what are you doing this weekend? Maia is watching the baby :)….

    Disregard, Disregard, DISREGARD!!!

  4. I don’t know 100% if they are married. Can’t remember. . . but I’m fairly sure. . . and even if they aren’t. . . they live together. They have a dog together, etc. They act as though they are married.

    K-JO–LOL. . . do NOT start any crazy rumors! I AM NOT A HOMEWRECKER!

    Seriously, I hate cheaters. I had to talk to one of my co-workers about this because I was dying to tell him. . . I showed him the texts, too. . . and then he kept coming in my office and saying, “HOW ARE YOU EVEN GOING TO LOOK AT THIS GUY THE SAME???” Um, I wont.

    I haven’t seen either of them at all since.

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