Posted by: illinigirl | August 21, 2010

Bless your heart

It probably won’t be as good if you watch this because you’ll focus on the video and not the words. . . but the lyrics are hilarious. . . it’s so catty, which I am generally not. . . but it reminds me of the “housewives” show or one of those dumb MTV shows. . . how people pretend to be friends and are “frienimies”. . . I also love “Bless your heart.”  I love it partially because my great-grandma said it all the time, so I always said it. . . but we always talk about the fact that you can tack that on to the end of any negative statement about someone and have it be okay. . . particularly if you have a Southern accent.  My friend Tracy would do this, and it was so cute.  🙂

Here are the lyrics. . .



  1. I love Miranda Lambert!

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