Posted by: illinigirl | August 17, 2010

Interview with myself: Foods I’m Addicted to Edition

Why has your blogging sucked so badly?

I’ve been working a lot. . . and I am preparing for a major trip and should be reading a book for a training class. . . and have been doing other stuff. . .  so there.  Besides, this was supposed to be about food.

What do you have for breakfast?

Well, usually granola bars of some sort, but I’m really burnt out on those.  I’m struggling with what to have because I don’t make enough time to eat at home. . . particularly now that my drive time has increased 15 min.  I did have Cheerios yesterday!

What’s your favorite snack?

100 calorie snack packs of cheesy chex mix.  Please note that I am not a big fan of chex mix because I LOVE the chex and hate the other stuff in chex mix.  This stuff is JUST chex!

What do you eat for lunch?

Well, lately we’ve been ordering out A LOT.  We often get Chinese. . . or Erberts and Gerberts.  It’s such a great sandwich place, and I love their soups.  We also get pizza a lot. . . particularly when the guys eat with us.  The guys could eat pizza every day.  Sometimes we go to the grocery store and get fruit.

What food are you ADDICTED to right now?

Snyder’s cheese pretzel sandwiches.  HOLY. HELL.  Wow.  I can eat a bag in one sitting.  What I am most disappointed about. . . is that I have looked at these forever, but never thought to try them.

If you could eat ANY meal in the whole wide world, what would you pick?

Uh, there is no question.  LUPE TORILLA.

Okay, duh. . . should have know this.  How much do you miss Lupe Tortilla?

I miss Lupe Tortilla as much as I could miss a real person.  We have a love that goes deeper than fajitas. . . it’s about the queso, too.  I will never forget my dad’s quote under his breath as he bit into a fajita one visit to Texas. . . “I am slowly dying.”  Mom, Dad, and I laughed ourselves in to tears.  Dying of happiness, I guess?

Any shoutouts tonight?

Yes, a shoutout to my parents, who have been on an AMAZING trip of four National Parks. . . and ended their trip with a Cardinals game tonight!  Can’t wait to see their pictures.  I’m hoping I can bribe Mom into doing a guest blog.  I WILL be duplicating their trip sometime!  Also, a shoutout to my buddy Pat.  I used to work with him. . . but now we don’t talk as much so I’ve been with withdrawal. . . finally had a chance to catch up with him tonight!

Goodnight.  🙂


  1. 🙂

  2. Hmmmm…Lupe….Yep – we are going tonight. Think I’ll get extra shrimp brochette in your honor. They are FANTASTIC in the cheese dip.

    • Lance, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. . . I hate you a little (Just a little though).

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