Posted by: illinigirl | August 15, 2010

Excellent customer service report. . . From a cable company (No, that’s not a typo.)

I hate a certain cable company who starts with a “Com” and ends with a “cast.” with a burning passion.  I cannot believe I haven’t blogged about this before.  Let’s just have a recap of some of my issues:

St. Louis–They tell me that the digital phone will be a landline.  At the time, I’d never had one of these. . . so I was asking lots of questions . . . and SPECIFIC questions. . . because I was getting a security system and needed a landline.  Nope.  Definitely not a landline and will not work with the security system.  Thanks.

New Hampshire–My cable provider, which was fine, is bought out by them.  In the conversion process, I lose my internet for a WEEK.  I am an internet FREAK, people.  This was a huge deal.  I was on the phone with them (mostly on hold) for ~12 hours in one week. . . and made three trips to their local locations.  Please note that I normally start customer service calls in a very friendly manner. . . but when I am on hold for over an hour and get disconnected. . . my friendly disposition goes out the window.  This happened numerous times.

Houston–I had three different technicians come out, and they couldn’t get the cable to work in my living room.  I mean, come on people, my house was 25 years old, and people had cable in the living room before me!!!  This is when I learned that some of the weekend cable people have no freakin’ clue what they are doing.  I went THREE MONTHS without cable downstairs.  I had my *little* 12 inch in my bedroom.  I ate there and basically lived there.  The worst was one of Mom and Dad’s visits . . . when the three of us were in the bedroom watching the tiny TV together.  The cable people who came out convinced me that my living room was not wired, and said they needed a letter from my condo association to work on it.  I FINALLY got a letter from the association and sent it.  I scheduled an appointment during the week. . . and a guy came out and had it hooked up within 20 min.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY???

Houston–This is also when the big Big Ten Network.  It infuriated me beyond imagination that they would not carry in outside of the local area.  INFURIATED ME.  This was a topic of rage for me nearly every day.  I would have been willing to pay. . . just give me the option!!!  (I get very cranky when I cannot watch my sports.)

Houston–When I moved, the movers accidentally packed my modem, which I needed to take back to the cable office.  We couldn’t find in the boxes when we were still in Houston so I just had to pay for it.  It was ridiculously expensive, but whatever. . . that’s my fault.  The thing is ~4 months . . after I moved to WI, a collection agency calls me saying they need money for a modem from them.  Seriously?  I paid a ton for that thing. . . . in Houston. . . four months ago.  They said they had no record of this.  ANGER, RAGE, ANGER.  Luckily, I kept my receipt!

My parent’s house–Their cable stopped working on a Friday when I was home.  Dad called, and they said that it had to be their fault.  Uh, okay. . . how does that just happen???  They said they would send someone out (on MONDAY), and told Dad how much they were billing him.  Seriously?  You’re going to bill them before you know what’s wrong?  Yeah, imagine that. . . it wasn’t Mom and Dad’s fault.

I think most cable companies have moments of suckiness. . . and when you move all the time, it’s probably more common. . . but I am actually also not including all the little things that happened in between moves.  I’ve had more of my share of suckiness. . . and more of my share of being disconnected after I was on hold forever. . . and more of “No one else is having problems, ma’am.”  (There is nothing more infuriating than that line.  Good for everyone else, but *my* internet is not working!!!)

Yesterday I had a good experience with Time Warner Cable. . . so I thought I would share.

I have had problems with my remote.  I called them (and I did have to wait ~15 min. to speak to someone, but the guy was local and very nice). . . I went to the store to exchange my remote, but I forgot my old remote!!!!!!!  Ugh!  I was so mad!  I figured it wasn’t even worth going into the store to ask, and that I should just turn around and go home. . . but I went in, and the guy said, “Oh, you can just have the new remote.  Bring the old one in when you get a chance.”  I told him that I may not be in for three weeks, as I’m traveling.  He said “Whatever, that’s fine.”  I asked if he wanted my information. . . and he said, “Nope.  Just take it!” . . AND batteries were included in the remote.

Thank you.  I now have a functioning remote with which I can operate my DVR in this peak time of Bravo greatness.  🙂



  1. Com…. did give us a credit of $25 for our inconvenience which was more than I expected. But still looking into getting satellite.

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