Posted by: illinigirl | August 12, 2010

God doesn’t want me to sleep. . .

Sunday night. . . just didn’t sleep that well. 5 hours

Monday night. . . thought someone was trying to break into my house.  LONG STORY.  I had to get up at 4:15, yet I was too freaked out to sleep. 3.5 hours

Tuesday night. . . Couldn’t get to sleep, and then storms hit at 4:00 a.m.  Got ready and went into work because. . . what else was I going to do.  4.5 hours

Wednesday night. . . Couldn’t get to sleep, and then a mosquito kept buzzing in my ear. . . which led me to FREAK OUT, flip on all my lights after flailing around a few times, and killing the <insert curse word here>.  Needles to say, it was challenging to go back to sleep. 5 hours

Thursday night. . . I hope I just pass out soon.  Seriously.

At least I don’t have to drive to IL tomorrow. . . but I do have multiple after work activities.  I hope I can survive them!



  1. maybe you should get an alarm system…or do you already have one?

    • I’ve decided that I’m getting one. . . Too many people who don’t like me from work. . . and it’s SO easy to get addresses these days. It infuriates me.


  2. Oh good we are averaging the same amount of sleep. I kinda remember what sleeping was like!

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