Posted by: illinigirl | August 8, 2010

Okay. . . ONE more corn post. . .

My friend Amy has even more tips from doing this with her MIL, and I have to share them.  I hope you don’t mind, Amy!!!

1.  Husk and clean the ears.

2.  Bring a huge pot of water to a boil.  Once it is boiling, add the ears of corn.

3.  Let the water come back to a boil and cook the ears just a couple minutes (2-3).

4.  Immediately take the corn out of the boiling water and put it in the sink full of water and ice to keep the corn from cooking any longer.

5.  Once the corn is cool to the touch, cut it off the ears.  We use large rubbermaid containers that have flat bottoms to stand the corn up in and just use a sharp knife to cut the corn off.  FYI: This year we tried the Pampered Chef’s tool that is supposed to take the corn off of the ears easier-not impressed!

6.  Put the corn into freezer safe bags-we put 2 cups of corn in 1 bag.

7.  The secret touch: Push as much air as you can out of each bag..  Then, insert a straw into the bag to suck out the remaining air.  As you are sucking the last of the air out, pull the straw out while you are finishing closing the bag at the same time.  Don’t try to do all of your bags at 1 time as you might pass out!  This helps keep the corn really fresh in the freezer.

Thank you Amy and other blog readers for your tips!  I definitely did everything wrong. . . so hopefully mine will hold up until I make another trip back to IL!  🙂


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