Posted by: illinigirl | August 7, 2010

Who is ready for more baby pics? It’s baptism weekend!

Okay, baptism weekend was a week ago. . . but I’m just getting around to this!

Tyson is a bigger boy! His face is filled out!

Sleeping beauty. 🙂

Yep, also sleeping. . . but was awake most of the time Aunt Hannah was around.

Passed out on Mommy's lap.

Then Mommy put them on the floor together.

Later, they went to the store. THEY WERE SO EXCITED FOR THE FIELD TRIP! (Okay, actually. . . they never opened their eyes after leaving the house.)

I bought my sister and BIL a canvas print of a picture for their house. I love it!

Tyson on baptism day. . . I didn't get any pictures of his outfit. 😦 But he was dashing in all satin. Hopefully my sister will post pictures!

Proud parents with the babies 🙂 🙂

This is my favorite picture of Tessa. I LOVE HER FACES. Can't you picture her saying this in a Mafia boss voice, "What's the big idea with the camera? You put that down, or we're gonna have problems."

I love this one. . . it looks like Tessa is talking to our cousins Nicole and Katelyn. 🙂



  1. i remember seeing that picture of the twins hanging on fb. i still don’t know how she did it but it turned out so, so, so cute.

  2. LOVE tessa’s face in the one with her finger up! so cute! and that canvas is incredible!

  3. They are so Beautiful…..I Love the Canvas…You are such a Thoughtful Sister.

  4. So cute, but I know I am extremely biased! Jamie took a picture of Tyson, Tessa and I all asleep on the floor tonight. He came in from mowing and found us all passed out. I will do my best to get a blog done tomorrow.

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