Posted by: illinigirl | August 7, 2010

Update to the freezing corn thing. . .

I had a bag the other night. . . and it was okay!

Next time I will definitely follow Sonya’s advice though. . . because I definitely cooked them for 10-20 minutes because I was multitasking.

Some other tips I heard at dinner last night to avoid some of the giant mess associated with this (Mom and I were talking the other night about how we are STILL finding sticky spots on our floor from the super-sweet corn!).

  • Place a small bowl upside down in a LARGE bowl.  Place the corn cob on top of the small bowl and the corn will all fall in the large bowl.
  • Use an electric knife.
  • One lady’s dad mad a contraption to cut and collect the corn. . . but they do ~200 ears so they have quite a system.  (Oh, also, I do not have contraption-making skills!)

I may do more next time I’m home in September.  They said they’ll have corn until October!



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