Posted by: illinigirl | August 4, 2010

Remember Low-tech?

I was thinking about something last night.  It’s something that I think about often. . .

What was life like before cell phones?  I really can’t remember this.

What I was remembering last night. . . was how Kim and I decided to meet some guys from our class in high school at Lake Shelbyville.  We really did this pretty spur of the moment.  How did we find them?  They were only at the lake another few hours after we arrived.  How did we know how long they’d be around?  Maybe Kim knew all these details, but I did not.  Anyways, I’m impressed. . . because I think that when we pulled up, they were just on some dock getting ready to head to a campsite.

My friend had as her status update a few weeks ago, “90’s flashback – just went to whole foods without my phone! And we all survived.”


It is funny to think about this.

I am attached to my work phone. . . and it pretty much rules my life.  I had three calls at 6:30. . . and one call at 9:00. . . and sent and received emails and texts all night.  How weird would it be to not be tethered to a phone?  I mean, I honestly don’t have issues with this. . . but maybe there will be times of my life when I do have issues with this.

My new building I work in is like a bunker.  We cannot get reception to make or receive cell calls.  Every time I need to answer a call, I am sprinting to the nearest door.  Yes, we are working on this because it’s rather annoying.

On vacation in San Diego, I was looking up spas and calling them all while walking through the city.  A few years ago, I flew into Indianapolis.  My parents came to pick me up, but the roads were so icy that we wouldn’t risk going back home. . . so I looked up hotels on the internet from the plane and booked a room.  such a lifesaver.

How did realtors work?

How did people use triple A?  Find a pay phone?

What happened if you got lost?

Any other professions that you look at now and think. . . wait, how did they do it???

I would do some sort of a think where I would try not to use my cell. . . but I don’t think there’s a point to that.  First off, my cell phone IS my only phone. . . and I live alone and like to TALK and catch up.

Instead of giving it up. . . I’ll just appreciate it.  🙂


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