Posted by: illinigirl | July 25, 2010

Look ma, no injuries!

So. . . I am not the most coordinated person you will ever meet.  I am actually very near the bottom in coordination.  When doing the Wii balance board activities, I often fall off.  :\

I do dance. . . but I’m not always entirely coordinated then.  If I have a good lead, they can make me look amazing. . . but even with a good lead, I can trip over my own feet and fall (just ask Kevin!). . . 🙂

A friend asked me to ride segways this weekend, and I was a little been hesitant because. . . my balance is not that fabulous!

But. . . I went, and I survived!  Stopping was a challenge for me for a while. . . but I got better as I got the hang of it.  Also, turning was a challenge because I was leaning rather than pulling the steering bar.  I’m so lucky I didn’t crash, looking back.   The only freaky thing was that once you get going above 12 mph (max speed), the steering bar raises up into your chest.  This freaked me out and made me feel like I didn’t have control. . . but it was fine.  Anyway, it was actually really fun once I got the hang of it. . . and I’m glad I did it!

Here are a few pictures.  Um, I didn’t really feel like I had good control of my situation to take pictures so I didn’t take many!!!

Supa-star segwayer 🙂


Riding along a nature area along the water. . . such a gorgeous day.


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