Posted by: illinigirl | July 8, 2010

Eye Like You

I went to the eye doctor. . . and I had to wait a million years for the doctor to see me. .  which made me have many important thoughts.

1)  As mentioned on facebook, I HATE the puff of air test. I practically come out of my chair. It is not that big of a deal, but it very much bothers me.

2)  I hate having my eyes dilated. . . I have had six eye doctors in the past 7 years, and they have all dilated my eyes. . . but somehow, I ESCAPED it this time!  I always forget about the eye dilation process for some reason. . . and schedule my appointments for the middle of the day, when I have to go back to work.  The doctors always tell me not to drive far or go back to work.  Uh, this is not an option so I guess I’ll just have strained and weird eyesight.  I finally wised up and made an appointment for the end of the day, only to not have dilation.  I’m okay with this though.  🙂

3)  I don’t enjoy having my eyelids flipped up.

4) I become very stressed during the “better 1. . . or 2. . . better 3. . . or 4” portion.  WHAT IF I MAKE THE WRONG CHOICE?  THEY ALL START TO LOOK THE SAME!. . . then I start thinking about this, and stop paying attention. . . and everything goes to hell.

5)  Doctors should not have pictures of gross stuff that can happen to skin/eyes/organs in their offices.  It’s really not pretty to look at.  I wouldn’t even look at this. . . but I had to take a picture.  If I had something this effed up with my eyes, I would hope that I would realize there was a problem before consulting such a poster.  UNLESS, I couldn’t really “see” that I had a problem. . . but would the poster really help me then either?  Maybe this could be a good poster for people to study so they could recognize gross problems with their family members and friends?  I’m at a loss here.

5)  While I wear contacts a lot on weekends, out, etc. . . I never wear them to work.  It’s weird because in pictures, you see me with contacts 98% of the time, while my co-workers see me with glasses 98% of the time.  I have eye allergies so I’m not comfortable in contacts, and I work long days.  I’m going to try and wear contacts more though. . . by trying a new kind of contacts and some drops.  I don’t wear eye make-up with glasses because I feel it’s pointless. . . so this will require approximately three more minutes to get ready in the morning.   We’ll see how it goes!



  1. that poster is disturbing 😦

    i get stressed during point #4, too…i’m always thinking, if i do this wrong, does that screw everything up? or, am i giving the wrong answers and you think i’m just making it up?

  2. I have never had this puff of air test. Or my eyes dilated. Hmmm.

    But agree with you and Nicole on #4. I’ve actually told my eye doctor “hey, those look the same…” LOL

  3. I went to the eye dr today and they DIDNT do the air-puff test. Instead, they put YELLOW eyedrops in my eye and shined a blue light on it. It wasn’t especially comfortable, but much better than the puff test.

    I’ve never had eye dialation OR my eyelids flipped up, either.

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