Posted by: illinigirl | June 20, 2010

Goin’ home

Yes, I only took ~80 pictures this weekend*. . . that was me practicing restraint.  🙂


AAAAHH! He's free from his swaddling! He did pretty well with this. . .

She. . . did not enjoy this!

Happy feet 🙂

Extreme close up. . . so it's a little blurry. . . but he was cracking me up! So cute!!!

Ready to go!

Dad has his hands full. . .

Boys side of the room

Girl's side of the room

I'm home. . . sleeping. . . what a surprise

I'm home. . . and sleeping. . . too. . . also, a surprise!

Yeah, you go ahead and unpack everything. We'll just chill right here. . .

Okay, so that’s all the pics you will see. . . until 4th of July weekend.  🙂

*Please note that very few pictures were taken with a flash. . . so the babies did not see 80 flashes their first four days of life!!!



  1. they did a great job with the room – it turned out really cute.

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