Posted by: illinigirl | June 13, 2010

Guest Room

Yes, folks. . . it’s been a weekend for spending some moola.

This is the first house where I’ve had three bedrooms. . . and I needed some proper guest room furniture rather than the dumb stuff I’ve used in the past.  It worked, but it wasn’t ideal.  Now, I don’t even have enough of the dumb stuff.

I bought this set. . . Yes, it’s set up in the store for a kid’s room, but I bought the queen set.  I just bought three night stands.  Two for next to the bed, and one for my TV to sit on. . . and then the headboard.  I didn’t buy the dressers.

The reason I chose this one. . . I like the panel look on it. . . and I LOVE that there are drawers under the bed.  Hello, linen storage!  🙂

Please ignore the kiddie stuff.

Under the bed storage!

As for bedding. . . I was looking for quiltish stuff.  I found a few things I liked, but I wasn’t sure it would be right for the room and like it might be too much pattern.

I asked for suggestions on the HGTV boards for other bedding websites besides BB&B, Pottery Barn, department stores, etc. . . and I got some great sites (and some not-so-great), but I’m going to list the sites here, as I wished I would have done this when I was looking at lighting!  Always nice to be able to reference your blog for where to look for such items!

Anyhowsers. . . I ended up doing something completely different.  I am actually keeping the stuff I have and adding more funky accessories!

My inspiration. . . Doesn’t it look like Grandma made this. . . while DRUNK??? I LOVE IT! I also love that it is called the “quirky” throw. It’s from anthropologie, and yes, that means it’s expensive!  Go the the website to see it closer. . .

Pillows. . . I think these will look good. I was only going to keep one, but I like of like them both together, even though the colors are different.

All I need now are some quirky curtains, and I’m set.  🙂


  1. good job sissy!

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