Posted by: illinigirl | June 12, 2010

Oh, what a night

My friend Jamie just posted on facebook that it was her five year anniversary last night.

Her wedding was pretty flipping fun, and I’m reliving the memories. . .

Jamie was a sweet co-worker and was kind enough to invite a group of us from work to travel to the wedding and share in her special day.  We were in a town near Jamie’s town (name rhymes with “Fleoria”).  We asked Jamie where we should go after the wedding reception, and she named off a few fun bars and said, “Don’t go to BA’s bar!. . . It’s a st rip club.”  (Yes people, I don’t want people searching for these terms and finding my blog.  NOT the readership in which I am interested!)

The wedding and reception were so beautiful. . . and we danced our booties off.  🙂  What can I say???  We were a fun group. . . it was a great time!  I loved weddings where my co-workers were involved because. . . there were no shortages of beverages, and the employees of my company were flipping fun.

Also, I probably haven’t mentioned that I had a decent quantity of beverages between champagne and beer.

We all went back to the hotel to change clothes, and then we were going to go out.  Most of the group went to the casinos, but one of my friends and I wanted to dance.  Well, we were getting ready to leave, and another friend called and said she went to the casino, but wanted to come with us instead.  She was hitching a ride in a random van with a random bachelor party, and they’d pick us up in the van and take us to the bar they were going to.

Okay, this was already interesting.

We had a great time at the first bar.  Danced a bit, enjoyed talking to the guys. . . good guys and went to high school with a friend of mine.

Then, when we are even more sheets to the wind than before, they ask us if we want to go to BA’s bar.  Before, when they broached this conversation, it was “absolutely NOT.”. . . but it’s funny what having a million beers in your system will do to you.  Plus, we determined that there was never a better time to go to such a place than when being escorted by ten guys.  Way interesting.  Nothing that exciting.  I mostly cleared up any body image issues I had. . . but pretty much talked to one of the guys the entire time so wasn’t really focused on the stage.

After this, we had some shenanigans in a hotel trying to find a bathroom. . . and then went somewhere else (?). . . and then went to Steak n’ Shake.  We had some kind of a rift with the boys at Steak n’ Shake (a few of the guys who joined in later were d-bags), and our ride connection was lost.  When we were waiting for our cab sitting on a curb at Steak n’ Shake. . . the sun was rising.

Awesome. Random. Night.


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