Posted by: illinigirl | June 9, 2010

Interview with Myself–Online stuff edition

It’s been a while illini_girl. . .

I know, I know. . . haven’t had much time to talk to myself.

Have you been shopping lately?

Not really. . . but I’ve done a ton of online shopping.

So. . . whadya buy?????

Those tin stars lanterns for my entry way. . . swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret. . . a book for my sis. . . maybe something else (?).

Have you received any of your purchase yet?

Um yes. . . the swimsuits. . . BUT please note that they shipped one pair of the bottoms, but emailed me and said that the top was on backorder until 7/31.  That’s really helpful!  :\  Not exactly the most lengthy swimwear season here in the WI!!!

What book did you get for your sis?

The book I’ve been reading (and am almost finished with). . . The Idiot Girls’ Action Adventure Club by Laurie Notaro.  I feel as thought she is a trashier version of queenlizzle or I. . . probably closer to queenlizzle (in terms of FUNNINESS. . . NOT TRASHINESS!).  🙂  Holy cow. . . this book cracks me up!!!

When will your sis get her book?  Isn’t she going to have her baby soon?

Um, YES.  This is why I got expedited shipping for the book.  I got an email that the book was shipped yesterday. . . but they said the arrival date was 6/17.  The date of the c-section.  This better be some kind of mistake. . . because seriously, that is NOT my definition of expedited!!!

Any other purchases you are contemplating?

I’m looking at bedding for my spare room.  I think I want a quilt. . . but I want it to be a funky quilt. . . not old lady.  I am also leaning towards the idea of “cottagy” furniture.    I’ve been thinking about this for years. . . now that I have three bedrooms, I can finally do something.

Why haven’t you purchased anything yet?

Well, I need to have my yard landscaped, build a deck, etc. . . and this bedding and furniture is expensive.  I am considering selling organs.  Here is what I am considering:

What other online stuff are you dying to tell us???

I was skyping (for the first time) with my sister tonight.  She threw up in her mouth a little when we were skyping.  It was nasty.  Maybe it’s better when we talk on the phone.  😉  I got to see her dog Tully, too.  DANG, she misses me.  🙂

I think you should be in bed.

I agree, BUT I have to share one more thing. . . my co-workers is picking up her puppy next week.  I am NOT an animal person (as I may have mentioned before). . . but I am in love with this little girl.  She’s so. . . widdle.  🙂



  1. You are making me sound all kinds of sexy on Skype with stretch mark showing and puking in my mouth! And if that is not enough in a week you will get to see poopy diapers and spit up!

  2. i am definitely going to have to read that book. all the house stuff looks great – do you have a date yet for a deck?

  3. i love online shopping…it’s the greatest.

    love that sarah is sharing her stretch marks with you from afar. that’s nice 🙂

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