Posted by: illinigirl | June 8, 2010

Truly. . . anything you ever need can be found on the internet

I haven’t seen one of my co-workers in a while. . . and I was talking to him on the phone today, and he said that next time he sees me, we need to do a special greeting. . . and recommended this one:

Well, seeing as I told him I didn’t remember what this looked like and hadn’t seen the movie in a long time, I told him I’d have to do research. . . yep, look what I found on the internet:

I kind of feel honored right now. . . like I have a cosmic connection with this guy for him to even to suggest such a maneuver.

Fun times. . . Watch me trip and fall trying to do this simple thing!  🙂


  1. how do people think of these things? i’d be afraid that i’d go in for a top gun and the other person wouldn’t.

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