Posted by: illinigirl | June 7, 2010

She just won’t give up. . .

TWO more messages from her!  No, I will NOT be friends with you!!!




  1. lol:)

  2. Geez! Get a clue Angelina!!

  3. We actually got an email “warning” about this at work today. I thought of you AND literally laughed out loud:

    COWORKER A & COWORKER B have recieved an e-mail that seems to be from a Ms A Jolie who wanted to be their friend on Facebook. If you receive a similar e-mail and you have close and frequent contact with Angelina, then it is entirely possible that she might want to be your friend… but I’m going to guess that for 99.9% of us this is not the case and the e-mail is a great big fake.

    The links on this e-mail do not take you to Facebook, instead they take you to a fraudulent web site full of all kinds of nasties. Please DO NOT click any of the links, just drop the email into the usual place….

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