Posted by: illinigirl | June 6, 2010

She’s so California. . . she’s a wildfire outta control headed for ya

I like to quote Gary Allan songs whenever humanly possible . . . and now I have to listen to that song.  🙂

Our day started with our AMAZING massages.  Holy cow, this lady rocked.  I told her that I was way messed up with knots, but that I did NOT want to hurt on vacation.  It was just the perfect relaxing massage.  Aaaaahhh.

After that, my Aunt Ceil and Uncle Dave picked us up and took us to Old Town for Mexican food for lunch.  It was great to see them. . . as I usually only get to see them every other year (or less). . . because when she is home didn’t always match up with when I was home.  Now that I live closer, I will make it a point to drive back when she’s in town.  Anyways. . . fun times and EXCELLENT Mexican food.  Soooo good.  I am in withdrawal in in the WI.  🙂

Uncle Dave, me, Aunt Ceil

Liz and I in Old Town

After lunch. . . we headed to. . . the beach!  It was a death defying cab ride through traffic, and it was so hot in the cab. . . but we made it!

Mission Beach!

Walking to Pacific Beach

My friend Rich lives in San Diego and happens to live a few blocks off the beach.  We used to work for the same unidentified company.  🙂  Cute little Rich was a intern with our company and was helping to put on the career fair at Illinois one recruiting trip when I went back to campus to interview. . . and then, he started with our company full-time the same day a friend from my department started. . . I left that location shortly after, but every time I came back to STL, I would always wind up seeing Rich.  This is one of my fav STL pictures from one of my trips where we went to a baseball game with friends.  LOVE IT.  You’ve gotta love drinkin’ confetti. . .

Rich and Ken at a Cardinal/Cub game courtesy of Alicia! 🙂

Okay, what the hell. . . now I have to add a pic of Alicia and at that game. 🙂

So fast forward to now. . . Rich lives in SD, and luckily it worked for us to meet up.

I didn’t take any pics at the first bar we went to. . . it was froo-froo, right on the beach, and pretty cool.  I’m pretty sure I don’t fit in there at all, but it was fun!

This was where the trouble began.  We really didn’t have a plan. . . and I didn’t want to mess up any plans that Rich had so I didn’t know if we’d just grab one beer and head out. . . Who knew that t would turn into an all out beach bar crawl!

At bar one. . . A sangria and some rosa was consumed.

At bar two. . . We had numerous beers and  a shot. . . and had fun with the jukebox.  Damn, I love a jukebox, and Rich has good taste (lizzle, we played many of the Hannah and Lizzle jukebox classic songs. . . and we played for the crowd, even though we both wanted to play George).

Can you tell that Rich lives in Cali, and I live in WI? WHITE-O. 🙂

Say "Shocktop!"

Bar three. . . pizza time.  I only had like. . . 1/2 a Bud there because I focused on water, seeing as I could tell this was going to get ugly if I kept up at this rate.  I hadn’t had much to eat.

This pizza was way good. Too bad I was so full from DRINKING that I could only eat one piece. :"

We didn't finish said pizza. . . so Rich carried it out to give to homeless people.

Bar four. . . had a reggae band.  Very fun. . . and VERYMANYBEERS.

Lead singer

I have more pictures that Liz sent me. . . but I can’t figure out how to edit them, and I look like hell.  It’s hard to edit out “drunk”.

FUN, FUN, FUN times. . . thanks to Rich for showing us around.  I’m certain we wouldn’t have done this much on our own. . . it was really fun to see the area!

The next day was the airport and home.  What a bummer. . . can’t wait to go back sometime!



  1. i absolutely love your vacation recaps. great pictures!

    and cracking up at your inability to edit “drunk” out of pictures 🙂

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