Posted by: illinigirl | June 6, 2010

Job Possibilities

I’ve been looking into some other careers I could pursue that would be fun. . . and I came up with the perfect idea today.

I could be a wedding date for hire.  Just like in the movie, “The Wedding Date”.

This would be amazing because. . .

1.  I love dancing.

2. I enjoy champagne and drinks of all kinds.

3.  I enjoy meeting new people, and can talk to anyone.

4.  I enjoy traveling.

5.  I am perfect to bring home to Mom and Dad if you would like to pretend that we are really a couple.

6.  I have lots of cute dresses.

7.  I am fun.

Some items of concern though. . .

  • I am not sure what I would charge.  I mean, honestly, you’d be doing *me* a favor in some ways, by giving me a good time of dancing in drinking.  Maybe I could do an interview up-front, and if you’re dead-boring and/or don’t dance, the fee would go up?
  • I have some concerns that this would not be a very lucrative means of making money and would not fund my current standard of living.
  • This would in no way involve *other services*. . . (I am not going to even write the word for fear of the people I would attract to my blog through internet searches.)  :\

So. . . in research of this career path, if anyone needs a wedding date in WI, IL, or anywhere cool that I would like to travel, please keep me in mind.  :D*

*Dead boring people need not apply!



  1. i think this is a great idea. and so fun! i love your geographic requirements in particular.

  2. Re: cost– you should at least charge for travel/wardrobe expenses.

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