Posted by: illinigirl | June 5, 2010

Decorating stuff

Okay, I finally picked out what I want. . . but I will say that I don’t like it in pictures as well as I like it in real life.  I will also say that I am not finished. . .

I also bought some of these . . .

Yes, they are outdoor lights, but I think they will look cool. . . I could be completely wrong.

I also might need more up there. . . we’ll see.  It’s a bit wild for me because it’s not all matchy-matchy.

SO. . . the backstory is that I looked up the measurements online to see if it would fit in the area and fit in my car.  I was totally going to work.

I went to World Market in the rain because this is how I roll. . . yeah, it’s raining pretty hard by the time I get there.  WHO BUYS A GINORMOUS CANVAS IN THE POURING RAIN???

I buy it and pull the car up to stick it in.  It’s DEAD at World Market, seeing as it’s rainy and late.  Um. . . IT WON’T FIT!!!

It’s getting soaked, I’m getting soaked, the World Market employees are getting soaked.  We tried to dismantle my car and move the seats in crazy positions to get it in.  I ended up saying that it would work. . . but I was seriously EATING the dashboard.  I was very close to the steering wheel and in a very bad position.  I ended up pulling over shortly after I moved, and thought I would have to go back in and take it back. . . but I shoved the seat back another inch and felt much better. . . and lowered the seat so I was no longer hitting the ceiling.

I was just praying that NO ONE would see me.  It had to be a sight.  I should have taken a picture of it in my car.  :\

Anyhowsers, it was then that I decided that even if I hated the canvas. . . it was sure as hell never getting back in my car.

Then, putting it up. . . I was not the safest with it the first time.  I didn’t have it in a very good position on the ladder.  Nice.  Not safe.

I have a dozen friends that probably would have helped me transport and place this. . . yet I am so dang stubborn that I insist on doing this stuff myself.

Oh well.  I am alive, and so is my canvas.  🙂


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