Posted by: illinigirl | June 5, 2010

Acqua Al 2. . . and bad pick-up lines

Yes, this is the restaurant Liz and I ate at in Florence. . . and yes, San Diego was also amazing.  🙂

Yes, I did get the bluberry steak.  I really liked it, BUT I still think I loved the aged balsamic steak even more. . . can’t wait to go BACK. . . and yes, I did open my blog on my blackberry at the restaurant to ask our waitress what my fav pasta was in Italy so we could order it again.  🙂

Taken earlier in the day when scoping out the location.

Yep, and there's me in the window. Dork. 🙂

This wine was so delicious. 🙂

Blueberry steak!

This may look familiar. 🙂 We had it on the tasting menu in Italy. We had fun watching the couple next to us, who got the pasta tasting menu in San Diego. We had tried most of them!

Cannelloni. Amazing sauce. Mmmm.

This time, we even went with the dessert sampler. 😀 *SHOCKINGLY*, my favorite was the custard stuff with the carmel sauce. Very plain, but I loved it?

Happy and full girls!

Ozzie Smith has been here before! 🙂

After this, we walked around. . . then went to a wine bar. . . across from the wine bar was this warehouse-type bar.  I actually liked it because the music was superfun and late 90’s early 2000’s (????  How do you say early 00’s???)  The only thing that was terrible were the guys hitting on us.  I feel the need to document this because it was hilarious.  I guess it was good, as I am not used to be being hit on left and right anymore. . . particularly in my current neck of the woods, which is NOT a hotbed of single activity–FYI.  😉

First guy who walks up puts his arm around me and starts talking.  D-RUNK.  Here was part of our conversation.

Drunk dude:  Where are you guys staying?

Me:  Gaslamp Hilton (totally not where were were staying)

Drunk dude:  blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, drunk nonsense

[two minutes later]

Drunk dude:  Where are you guys staying?

Me:  *laugh* (thinking in my head. . . you are so wasted, dude)

Drunk dude:  NO, like what ROOM?

Hahaha. . . I admire your perseverance.  🙂


There was one guy who came up being obnoxious, and Liz noticed his friend was staring at her.  Apparently, the plan was that the friend would be obnoxious, and he would swoop in and apologize.  Not effective.  The dude was dead-boring, but he did offer us a bobblehead he procured from the Padres game.  No thanks, dude.  I did the “we were just on our way to the bathroom” move to get away.


Then, there was a Jon Goss elin guy who was just about the most obnoxious guy I’ve ever encountered, and was probably 10 sheets to the wind.


There’s probably others that I forgot about.  Liz had it after Jon G. . . but the music was so fun that I made us stay a little longer!

Anyways. . . fun times. 🙂


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