Posted by: illinigirl | June 4, 2010

I’m not an animal person. . .

. . . but I do love a good zoo. 🙂  The first day in San Diego = zoo day.

First stop. . . breakfast!  Have I ever mentioned that I love breakfast?

Mmmm. . . breakfast + mimosa

I hurt my neck two weeks ago, and due to stress, etc. I just couldn’t get it FIXED.  Add to this sitting on a plane and sleeping awkwardly on the plane. . . and it got to the point where it was not very fun.  Thank goodness Liz helped encourage us to get massages.  After breakfast, we walked around town with me calling every spa in town trying to get a last-minute appointment for the next day.  Luckily, we found an awesome therapist who came to our hotel!

Next stop. . . zoo.

Flamingos! They are pink because of the shrimp they eat. . . but seriously, some of them are *so* pink. Weird.

Koalas are so cute and snuggly. I just want to hug one (although in real life, they might claw my eyes out).

Wallaby. . . (funny though, I typed "Willaby" first. Maybe P&P on the brain?) 🙂

After I saw this, I had the Black-Eyed Peas "Humps" song in my head for the next hour. Liz can attest to this.

I love meerkats. This guy looked so astute perched on this rock. 🙂


Elephants need pampering, too. . .

View from the sky tram into Balboa Park

Now. . . on to my favorite thing. . . Pandas.  I had a stuffed panda when I was little and collected pandas.  Not sure why, but I’ve always thought they were cute.


There was a baby! This was right after he fell off Mamma's back!

Climbing up again

I know, I know. . . lots of pictures. . . but I like them. . . and this is my blog so I can post as many pics of pandas as I want. 🙂



  1. we’re hoping to go to s.d. every other year (which means our next trip would be next year). the zoo is definitely on our list.

  2. Hello?! Not one picture of Peaches? He is probably pissed at you!

  3. Balboa Park brings back memories! We used to go there every summer throughout my childhood. 🙂

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