Posted by: illinigirl | June 2, 2010

A little nostalgia

With some cartoons of days gone by. . .

I saw some koalas this weekend. . . and thought of this show.  Anyone remember it?

This was one of my FAVORITES. . . what about this one?

My favorite episode was about the Statue of Liberty. . .

Loved this song. . .

Holy CRAP. . . forgot about this one!

I liked this one. . . but I hardly ever saw it.

BUT. . . my favorites were Scoobie Doo, The Smurfs. . . and this one. . . despite the fact that it creeped me out a little!  I used to watch it at my Gma and Gpa W’s. . . We usually had dinner at their house one night a week. . . and I would always try and finish my dinner quickly, as they had HBO, and I could get my Fraggle fix.  🙂



  1. i loved the gummy bears and the littles. the littles are still on every once in a while on saturdays.

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