Posted by: illinigirl | May 24, 2010

Bedroom decorating

I am kinda loving what I did in my bedroom.  It’s a little more girly than what I would normally do. . . but I’m a girl, and it’s my bedroom. . . so whatevs.

I have had dilemmas about what to do in my bedroom on the drywall ledge I have. . . and same with my living room.

I was inspired at Michael’s and Home Goods this weekend.  A few hundred dollars and a few cartfuls later, and my room is complete.  Actually, given the amount of stuff I bought, $200 isn’t so bad.

My ledge in the bedroom goes the length of the room. . . and then some.

I bought a bunch of brown and blue boxes at Michael’s. . . and then I wanted a girly lamp because I have an outlet up on the ledge, controlled by a switch on the wall.

Enter. . . girly lamp!

Here are two of my other things. . .

I love the silver box (Home Goods), and I like the way the light catches it (put it near the lamp). . . my favorite boxes are the ones with the ladies in dresses on them and French writing. . .

The before. . .

The result. . . it looks better IRL than it does in pictures. . .

In the dark. . .



  1. I likey seester!

  2. I would install a power strip and hide it behind the boxes and get one or two more lamps?

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