Posted by: illinigirl | May 23, 2010

Door County–Night #1 (Yes, I’m behind!)

Famous fish boil destination!

This Inn is uber-beautiful.  It also won awards for having the best breakfast in the country. . .—White-Gull-Inn-in-Fish-Creek-makes-America-s-best-breakfast

(They announced this while we were in town!)

So luckily Mom looked into this and found out that this is a cool thing to do.  I can’t believe how many people I’ve talked to from near where I live who have never done this!  (This is typical of what I find whenever I move. . . half of the things I check off my *list* when I move around and travel are things that the locals have never even done!)

Basically, they put potatoes and fish in water. . . and dump salt in and then add kerosene.  (Yes, it is really more technical than my description.)

Here’s my video of the excitement. . . we are not sure if that was Mom saying “wooo”. . . I’m voting no, but we aren’t sure.  Also, there’s a video of eating our dinner inside. . . YES, my laugh is dumb in this video.  Get over it.

My favorite thing about this whole experience was. . . the accordion player.  He rocked.  Okay, maybe “rocked” is the wrong word, but I loved it.  The atmosphere was so cool.  Also, I probably liked him a lot because he played a “Sound of Music” medley.  🙂

Then. . . time for sunset. . .

Have I ever mentioned that I love the sunset setting on my camera?

Yes, we were heading back to our Inn, and I made us drive around all over hell trying to get sunset pictures. Thank you, Mom for your patience. 🙂

But it was so worth it! How often do you catch THAT?

Goodnight, blogtown.  🙂


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