Posted by: illinigirl | May 20, 2010

Door Co. with Mom–Day #1

Some pictures and such. . .

This town reminds me of New England. . .

Aaaaah. . . picture yourself *here*

Hello, Spring

I loved this church. . .

Mom doing chocolate and wine tasting at a winery! (For the record, she liked the chocolates better than the wine!)

Our room at the B&B

View from the balcony. . . Helloooo Lake Michigan!

Hanmock 🙂

The bathroom in our room

Dock at the B&B

Love these walls. . . this place is precisely what I think of when I think "B&B"

The back deck at the B&B

Lighthouse. . . not the prettiest, but hey. . . still cool. 🙂

Okay. . . I will have to post the pictures and a video from the night later. . . too tired!



  1. Love B&Bs! They are the greatest!

  2. beautiful, just beautiful. i love travel posts.

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