Posted by: illinigirl | May 16, 2010

Goat Alert!!!

Okay, I have tons to blog about from my trip to Door County. . . but I will start small because I have tons o’ pictures, and Mom is still here. . . and we are trying to focus on TV shows.  🙂

There is a Swedish restaurant up there. . . (Okay, there are lots). . . but one of them is very special and features goats on the roof.

Mom and I ate there yesterday, but it was too cold so. . . no goats.  Sad.  😦

BUT. . . the food was awesome.

Swedish pancakes. . . A-maz-ing!

Oh but WAIT. . . today, we were driving by, and the goats were there!!!  I wish you could have heard how excited Mom and I were!  😀

'sup goats?

Before you claim that this is goat cruelty. . . please read the FAQ here:

Here’s a video a took:

More to come soon!  🙂


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