Posted by: illinigirl | May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day. . .

Well, I didn’t go home for Mother’s Day weekend this year. . . which sucks. . . but I went home last weekend and got to spend some quality time with Mom. . . and NEXT WEEKEND is our trip to Door County!!!

We ended up moving our trip to next weekend, which is awesome because. . .

The weather was craptastic the weekend we were supposed to go

Fish boils will be happening now (oh, and I will SO be blogging about the fish boil experience)

We were going to try and see the cherry blossoms, but it sounds like they may be blooming early this year

Can’t wait to see pretty things, eat well, and spend some time outside!  Lots of hiking, but I’m wondering what is *prettiest*. . . we’ll see.



  1. Is a fish boil anything like a crawfish boil? Could NOT be as much fun!

  2. Please tell me that you guys will rent Segways and take them on trails. It would make my year!

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