Posted by: illinigirl | May 5, 2010

Security systems

It’s been a while since I’ve told a dorky story, I think. . . let’s stroll down memory lane.

Tonight I was watching “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” and she set off her security alarm on her house.  It brought back memories.

I had a security system in St. Louis.  I lived in a great neighborhood near a not so great neighborhood. . . and being a single chick, I wanted some protection.

I lived there for a year, and (somehow!) never had any mishaps. . . UNTIL the 2nd to last day in my house, that is.  :\

I slept in a bit, as I had to run an errand related to moving at 9:00 a.m. before I could go in for work.

I was getting out of the shower at 8:00 a.m., and heard a truck backing up *beep*beep*beep*beep. . . I thought that was kinda weird, as it’s not every day giant trucks backed down my street.

I had a towel around me, and I walked into my guest room to look out the window. . . what the ?????  My moving truck was in front of my house, and they were unloading supplies. . . uh. . . my moving day was the NEXT DAY!  No, no, no, no. . . stop!!!

I immediately run downstairs (in my towel) and throw open the door dramatically. . .

HELLO, ***PIERCING*** ALARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next five minutes was pure chaos, as I’m:

  • Trying to tell the movers to stop.
  • Trying to figure out the code and get it typed in.
  • The irritating and *loud* alarm is still going off.
  • My home phone is ringing.
  • My personal cell is ringing.
  • My work cell is ringing.
  • My dad calls me.
  • I am not answering any of the calls because this is just too crazy.
  • I finally get the alarm shut off, the movers all straightened out, and talk to Dad.
  • I am still standing in my living room in a towel getting ready to go back upstairs, and someone starts trying to force their way into my house!  HOLY CRAP, WHAT IS HAPPENING??????
  • Yeah, seeing as I didn’t answer any of my phones, the security company sent the police, who were now trying to get in and scared the living crap out of me.

Neat!  It is the police officer that pulled me over outside my neighborhood a month before for NO REASON when queenlizzle and Liz M. were in town visiting! (No ticket or anything, seeing as he pulled us over for no reason.)

This is really special now.

The only way it could have been more awkward would have been if I’d have lost my towel.  I’m surprised that didn’t happen, honestly.

My favorite part of the whole thing was that the security company called Dad when this was going down, and he said, “Yeah, she probably just set off the alarm herself.” and was not worried in the slightest.

Can’t blame him. . . he was correct!  🙂


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