Posted by: illinigirl | May 3, 2010

My sissy. . . the sooner-to-be mommy

For those of you that are wanting an update. . .

She’s due July 3rd, but has a C-section planned June 28th.  She’s measuring just perfect for twins. . . and her doctor thinks she’ll gain between 30-35 lbs. . . which is on the low, yet good side!

She’s kept up her EARLY campus paper route with Dad before work throughout her pregnancy while working full-time.  I’m not sure how she does it!  She only has NINE paper route days left!

Knowing all the issues she had getting pregnant, this still doesn’t seem real to me to look at these pictures!  Please comment on how amazing she looks . . . 🙂


  1. she DOES look great! you’ll be aunt hannah before you know it!!

  2. Amazing, yes. So excited for all of you!

  3. she looks great! i gained 30 lbs. w/ luke (and that was just one baby in my stomach, not 2). i bet you guys are all starting to get excited!

  4. Such a sex kitten! My only challenge finding shirts and pants that will fit me for the next 7 weeks!

  5. She does look amazing!!! I can’t believe they’ll be here so soon!

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