Posted by: illinigirl | May 2, 2010

Illinois 5k (take two)

It’s sad that I haven’t ever posted pictures here from the 5k last year because the pictures required too much editing with my name in them. . . oh well.  Also sad that I never recorded my time!  I seriously don’t know what my time was.  Maybe my sis does?

This year, there was a lot of walking, but more running than I planned on, seeing as I’ve only run two or three times in the past three months.  :\  Also, I started feeling crappy the night before.  That being said, I can always do pretty well on race day, seeing as I get extra energy from somewhere!

That being said, I’m still sore today!!!

I had fun running with Mom and Aunt Amy, BUT we wished we would have brought speakers to plug in my ipod.  Instead, my mom and aunt had to endure *me* singing “Boom Boom Pow”.  🙂  I thought the crowd was not as vocal or abundant this year. . . but also, the weather was crap.  Also, there were an additional 4000+ runners.  Maybe some of the crowd was running!

Mom, me, and Aunt Amy!

Waiting for the start!

These girls were drinking at 7:00 a.m. . . their signs said, "U run, we drink". . . gotta love running through campus!

R.I.P., Garcia's on campus. Honestly, not my favorite pizza, but many memories from being a kid, high school, and college there!

Is White Ho reopened? Who can answer this question???

Time for a video!

Yeah, no one said the video was long or profound. . . I decided I was too far away to keep taking the video and that I’d rather take a picture!

My sister and dad! 🙂

This grandma ran with a double stroller! She did not seem thrilled and said it was not her idea!

I loved these two. She was telling a story about school, and he was listening so intently and asking questions. Super cute, but I hated them a little for having such an easy conversation while running! 🙂

queenlizzle's old apartment!!!

Business. . . formerly Commerce. . . HOLLA! 😀

Love seeing families!

My friend Kim's dad! 🙂

Entering the stadium! Go Mom!

Go, Aunt Amy! (and Kim!) 🙂

Me and my twelve chins running in the stadium! (And Kim and Lindsey!) 🙂

Horray! Finished! 😀 Time of 42 min. No, not that great, but considering we walked a lot and had zero expectations, we were okay with this!



  1. good job – i love that the runs in the stadium. very cool.
    also, your dad and sister had the best place to watch from.

  2. hooray and good job!! all i know is that i couldn’t do 3 miles on the elliptical in the time you did your 5k, so i think you’re a rockstar!

    thanks for the pic of my old building. looks as good as ever! so many good times were had there (not the least of which was finding justin asleep in my closet hours after everyone had left following a rough night of drinking).

  3. I thought the crowd on Green Street was smaller than last year, too. I was excited for LOTS of people, but no such luck.

    0 for 2 on seeing you. Glad you had fun!

  4. glad you had fun! it’s so fun to see campus pictures!!

    RIP garcia’s is right…soooo many slices there, even though it wasn’t great…

  5. Congrats on the race! Only you can take pictures and run. I wanted to pull a Hannah during my last race when I was on the trails overlooking the ocean and could see the Golden Gate Bridge. However, I have yet to master the talent of taking pictures while I run! You are the Master!

  6. Great pics and good job on the run/walk! My goal is to participate next year. And the last I knew, the White Ho had reopened, but who knows. That place opens and closes on like a weekly basis.

  7. Hahaha, love the pictures!! My dad got one of you guys, but the camera malfunctioned when he was trying to take a picture of Lindsey and I, good to see that you got some action shots!!

  8. Awesome montage! I love to shout out to Business or whatever it is called today. No matter now many times the names change, I will always have gone to Com West for classes!

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