Posted by: illinigirl | April 26, 2010


Because I am tired and feeling uninspired, I thought I’d better pick an inspiring topic.


Bacon is the greatest thing God ever came up with.  If you don’t agree, you aren’t un-american and wrong (unless you are a vegetarian like queenlizzle).

Here are some fun things I think about related to . . . BACON.

1.  To be good, bacon has to be CRISPY.

2.  The only exception to rule #1 is when you need bacon to be not crispy to wrap around things like bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and other such treasures.

3 .  Sadly, I used to eat bacon many days a week when we had a cafe at work.

4.  When I was younger, I used to have a “B” instead of a “BLT” sandwich.  I still do this on occasion.

5.  There is a “Bacon” street in the town near me.  I always think about how cool it would be to live on Bacon Street.

6.  Pre-cooked bacon is brilliant.

7.  I hate pork, but I love bacon (and ham).  Interesting, right?

8.  This was my favorite donut of all time:

9.  I am going to buy this someday. . . but I am not going to buy it online and pay shipping.

10.  This is one of my favorite entries at “Things JK Eats.”  I just now noticed that JK tested the candy bar I discussed above in item #9.  This is disappointing, as the bacon is SOFT.  See item #1.

Great, now I want bacon.  :\



  1. Scallops wrapped in Bacon, Yummmmmm!!!!

  2. um, i love bacon. love.

    if you liked spicy food (and really, since you scrape out the seeds, these aren’t very spicy) you would love the pioneer woman’s bacon-wrapped jalapeno thingies (that’s the real name of them). they’re amazing.

  3. i love bacon but for some reason bacon on a donut doesn’t look good:)

  4. Thanks to your blog post, I had a B sandwich tonight!

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