Posted by: illinigirl | April 25, 2010

Soup, Dawg?

Tonight I tried out two new recipes. . . both of which, I am pleased with the results.

I got them from a show on the Food Network. . . I’d never watched it before because I haven’t had time to watch TV lately. . . but I was a little bit skeptical.

Five Ingredient Fix. . .

I kept thinking. . . how can you make really good stuff with only five ingredients?  I don’t think it’s possible.

Well. . . it is.

Here’s the episode I saw this weekend:

Here’s what I messed up or would change.

First off, I forgot one of the five ingredients, which is obviously a big deal.

FRESH BASIL!  I had to use dry basil.  😦

I liked this, BUT I would like to use fresh basil next time. . . also, I think I got carried away with the bread, and had to stir more tomatoes from the can in. . . also, I would use more roasted tomatoes in the future because roasted tomatoes are fan-freakin-tastic.  I love tomatoes bigger than life.  Also, please note that this soup is uber-thick.  Over all grade:  B+

When I was looking for the last recipe, I saw this one, too:

Now, let me preface this by stating that my mom’s broccoli soup is really, really good. . . but is really a pain to make, in my opinion.  This was good and easy.  I did a few things differently.  First, I didn’t blend the whole mixture. . . only part of it (because I like chunks in my soup.  Puree is BORING).  The other thing I did (incorrectly) is that I only used 8 oz. of marscapone cheese.  I thought that’s what the recipe called for, but it calls for 12 oz.  I don’t care that it calls for dollops on top.  I just wanted more for the soup.  Even with that error. . . really good!  Overall grade: A-

Horray for soup in the freezer for me to take to work!



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