Posted by: illinigirl | April 18, 2010

Interview with Myself: Important Things I Think About Edition

I’m going to ask you a series of really important questions. . .

Okay, shoot.

You are at a bar, and you see a guy drinking a different beer than your chosen brand. . . a beer that makes your skin crawl.  Can you date him?

Umm. . . this is really tough, actually.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think I can do it.  They wouldn’t have to drink *my* brand . . . but they can’t drink *that* brand.  If they drink *my* brand, they go up two notches on the attractiveness scale.

Why don’t you take vitamins?

This is bad. . . but I go in spurts where I take them, but I mostly forget.  I need to take them to work so I can take them there.

Why at work?

I choked on vitamin once, as I always feel like I may choke on one and die all alone. . . and no one will know where I am, and wild dogs will attack me just like on Bridget Jones’ Diary.

You are at work, and you get a phone call from your mom or dad.  What are you thinking?

“Someone died” is what I’m thinking.  My family almost NEVER calls me at work so if I get it call, I usually think someone died. . . because of all the times they called me in my over seven years of work, it’s usually that someone is dead/dying.

Why do you hate lunch meetings at work?

Maybe this is weird, but I don’t like eating in front of people I don’t know very well.  I’d much rather eat in peace and meet later.  I usually take ~2 bites or so.  I then hate when people point out that I’ve barely had anything to eat.  Stop judging me. . . you are not making it any easier to eat!

I’m going to assume this is a big “ditto” for dates?


How do you feel about baseball?

I really like baseball, but I can’t watch it on TV.  It isn’t fast enough for me.  The only way I really enjoy it is going to a game in person.  That being said, the 20 inning game yesterday would have been too much. . . even if I was there!

Have you been having weird dreams lately?

YES!  I had one last night where I 100% ended up convincing myself that the whole thing was real.  It was about something at work, and I had myself all panicked in the morning thinking that it was real.  In my dream, my manager asked me about something, and I didn’t know the answer.  All morning I was racking my brain trying to think of the answer and remember what happened.  By this afternoon, I convinced myself that I simply made up the whole scenario in my sleep.  Thank you, I already have ENOUGH in my brain that I can’t think of the answer to or have little recollection of. . . I do not need to invent things to stress about when I sleep!!!

Have you been sleeping well in your new house?

NO.  I am not used to the sounds yet, and I always think it sounds like someone is trying to break in my house.  I hear a sound, and I SIT UP out of bed and listen for a few minutes.  I do this repeatedly until I finally pass out.

Okay, this is kind of a lame interview, but maybe you should get to bed?

Yes, yes I should. . . goodnight!  🙂



  1. i promise that wild dogs won’t make it into your house if you were to choke on a vitamin and die alone. that had me cracking up.

  2. I am with you on the lunch meetings. I have several a week and hate them: 1) I don’t like to eat in front of people, especially ones I don’t know, and 2) It means I don’t really get lunch (as usual) and I am away from my desk, which accumulates more work while in a meeting. *Sigh* The life of an HR chick. 🙂

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