Posted by: illinigirl | March 28, 2010

Interview with Myself: Amazing Race Edition

Tell us. . . is this one of your favorite shows?

Um, YES.

Has it always been a favorite?

No.  I watched some episodes one season (maybe the first season?) in college, which is kinda weird because I didn’t watch much TV in college.  I haven’t watched it again until last year’s season.

Why is it so great?

I love traveling so I enjoy seeing different places (and many places I’ll probably never visit). . . I like learning about the cultures. . . and yes, I’ll admit that I like the drama and the competition.

Who is your favorite team this year?

Duh, cowboys.


Duh, they’re COWBOYS.

Seriously, that’s your answer?

Okay, okay. . . that’s definitely part of it.  The other part is that they seem like very sweet boys, they aren’t whiney, they work hard. . . and they say “Good Gravy.”

Would you ever go on the show?

Um, probably not because I’m a wimp.

WHAT?  Illini_girl!  You would go to such cool places that you would never see otherwise!!!  What are you such a wimp about?

I’m not a fan of heights, doing things where I might die, gunfire and birds (The war episode would have been the death of me.  I would have just run away and cried.), eating gross things (like bugs, sauerkraut, etc.). . .

Okay though. . . let’s say you WERE on the show. . . who would you pick as your partner?

This is difficult.  My sister would be fun, but we’d kill each other before we left the first airport before the race would even start.  My Dad has no patience.  Probably Liz or Mom. . . or any cowboy or buff guy that I can round up. . .

If you could nominate anyone, who would you nominate?

No question. . . my twin friends Erin and Siobhan.  You guys should TOTALLY do it.  First off, they are twins.  They are apart now, but they lived together until a few years ago. . . so ~30 years together.  They are funny together. . . like all sisters are. . . and they are super athletic and kick-butt.

Any other comments?

If anyone wants to fund a trip like this for me, where I wouldn’t need to eat gross things or do things where I could potentially die, I will do it.



  1. i’ve missed the last couple of seasons, but watched many of them, and i love this show! i thought i was going to be able to watch this season, but alas, it didn’t happen.

  2. i would do it in a second. my one exception is anything w/ spiders. i would start crying like a little girl.
    i’m rooting for the cowboys too!

  3. What in the heck is wrong with sauerkraut??

  4. (Cousin to Nicole…) and I am totally rooting for the Cowboys – just watched my taped AR last night and about cried when they got there last -thank goodness for non elimination rounds!! Oh and what is up with the Beauty Queen and her ditzy boyfriend with the whiner attitude – those two have GOT.TO.GO!!!

    Signed, fellow AR fan and complete stranger to you. 🙂

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