Posted by: illinigirl | March 24, 2010

Sissy’s *babies* shower

Sometimes I still can’t believe she’s having twins.  Weird.

Okay, so Leslie and I threw Sarah a shower this weekend for Mom’s side of the family and her friends.

Here are the pictures of the events. . . (Please note that the church hall was still decorated for St. Pat’s day because there was a weekend event there!


My sister's co-worker, Dawn, made the cake. . . just like the invite! She is amazing. Unfortunately, I suck at carrying cakes, and did some damage. Luckily, I rock at cake plastic surgery.

Prego stomach!

Les, Sar, and I


Game time!

Blankets Lydia made. . .

There could not be a better winner than Theresa. . . so enthusiastic! 😀

Marguerite got this outfit for my niece-to-be! Marguerite ROCKS for giving me street cred with the kiddos before they are BORN. 😀

Because you know how much my sis and I hate maternity photos, we thought we'd take this photo to be stupid. We made Mom and Gma join in on the stupidity.

In one, Sarah decided to make a heart with her hands.  Holy hell, I lost it laughing!

Okay, here's a real one. 🙂



  1. Looks like fun! I have to do TWO of these this year as BOTH my sisters are pregnant with their first….any good game ideas?!?!?

  2. sar is looking good!!! 🙂

  3. that cake turned out soooo good. how do people do that? i’ve tried a few times and finally gave up and let the stores do it now.

  4. Sarah looks sooo cute preg –

    Can’t wait to see you there someday – ha!

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