Posted by: illinigirl | March 22, 2010

A follow-up to the audiobooks post

I talked about audiobooks in this entry. . .

HOLY COW. . . AWESOME.  My five and 1/2 hour drive went so quickly. . . particularly on the way there.  I was so captivated that I stopped to pee at 1:50. . . and did not stop again the entire rest of the drive (approximately 4 1/2 hours).  :-O  This is HUGE, people. . . HUGE.

I ended up listening to the Michael J. Fox book “Lucky Man” first.  Loved, loved, loved it.

The book discussed his diagnosis and living with Parkinson’s Disease. . . his childhood. . . his life as a actor (sometimes as a struggling actor). . . love and family. . . struggles with addiction. . . and issues such as stem cell research (which I am very passionate about).  I laughed, I cried, and I was inspired.  He’s not perfect, which makes him all that more “real” and lovable.  I think you would like the book (some of my readers are moms, and my assumption is that audiobooks would not be very doable for moms), BUT there was something about hearing *him* read his story.

I also started “I’m Down”on my drive home. . . at first, I didn’t like it and almost stopped listening.  I found it somewhat sad, boring, and slow.  I am SO GLAD I kept listening.  I’m not finished yet, but I am absolutely loving it.  For the next week and a half, I still have a somewhat respectable commute of ~25 minutes.  I’m going to try and continue to finish the book.  I listened today on the way to and from work. . . never thought I’d be able to tear myself away from music, but what can I say. . . I’ve gotta finish this book!!!

Thanks to Rabbit for bringing Audible to my life. . . and thanks for the suggestion of “I’m Down”. . . and thanks to Ty for the suggestion of “Lucky Man”. . . keep ’em coming, people!  🙂



  1. I’ve thought about downloading some audio books for my long runs, but haven’t actually made the leap yet.

    I L-O-V-E Michael J. Fox, so maybe I’ll start with that. And maybe it will help me actually *finish* a book.

  2. I told you the audio books were good! Try them while you are running – it will get you out there the next day to find out what happens next.

  3. I LOVE “Lucky Man”. I am a huge Michael J. Fox fan and I thought the way he told his story in that book was great because it did keep you laughing, crying and whathaveyou. I have, however, not ever tried an audiobook. Maybe I could incorporate one into my workout regimen. Maybe that will help, and let’s face it. I need all the help I can get in that area 🙂

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