Posted by: illinigirl | March 21, 2010


Several exciting things to note tonight!

  • I was able to GET INTO MY HOUSE. . . thank goodness.  I finally mastered the stupid combination lock.  Only a week and 1/2 left of dealing with that!
  • I met my super-nice across the street neighbors! . . . everyone seems great.  Yes, I live in familyland, but at least everyone is nice!
  • I have my countertops, the hardware for cabinets, and a mantel. . . I am VERY close, people!  VERY CLOSE.

Difficult to see the counters. . . dark, and dirty, I know!

close-up. . . love!

Sink. . . water will be great at some point, too. 🙂

View from the other direction. . .

Mantle. . . sorry, lighting is dumb.




  1. LOVE!

  2. you made some great choices.

  3. Very nice!!! Is this your first experience with quartz counter tops???? Let me know why you choose them and how you like them.

  4. WOW, that’s beautiful! Did they already paint for you?

  5. Looking great Hannah! You are going to love this place!

  6. BTW…have you checked on the chimney cap? Don’t want any unauthorized birds getting in.

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