Posted by: illinigirl | March 18, 2010


So I’ve been looking for audiobooks for my long drive this weekend. . . not exactly excited about these six hour drives.

The neat thing is that I was OUT OF TIME to buy a book because I didn’t think about buying anything until. . . Monday night.

I asked for suggestions on facebook. . . but I wanted some light and easy to listen to stuff for this weekend.  I’m not ruling them out in the future. . . just didn’t seem right for my current mood and level of concentration.  🙂

I emailed a friend who knows a lot on the topic of audiobooks. . . and she rocks.  She taught me about . . . where you can download audiobooks to your ipod.  Maybe I’m the only human on earth who did not know about this, but it’s phenomenal.

This friend also started a new blog. . . The Adventures of Rabbit and Turtle (now on my blogroll).  She is no stranger to my blog. . . she just has a new identity!

Anyhowsers, here were her recommendations:

I really liked (and have recommended in print AND audio) Mishna Wolff’s I’m Down.  HILARIOUS.

I don’t know if you like Chelsea Handler.  I haven’t listened to it, but people really liked it.

A few of my recent fiction faves:
Little Bee:

Darling Jim:

Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict:

Into the Beautiful North:

The White Tiger:

Mathilda Savitch:

So. . . what did I pick???

“I’m Down”. . . looks really fun.

“Darling Jim” . . . looks interesting.

AND. . . a another friend (shoutout to Ty!) recommended Michael J. Fox’ audiobooks (and doing them in consecutive order. . . so I bought “Lucky Man”.  That might be the first one I listen to. . . not entirely “light”. . . but I’m intrigued.

Just thought I’d pass this on in case anyone was looking for audiobooks. . . or thought any of these would be good in print!




  1. i may have to try rude awakenings of a jane austen addict. shocking, i know.

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  3. I have tones of books for my ipod! Next time we are in the same place I will give you 150G of books.

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