Posted by: illinigirl | March 14, 2010

Sundays. . . what a beautiful day!

*When you don’t go to work, that is!  My first Sunday not going to work in three weeks! . . . and I went to church on Saturday night so there was an opportunity to sleep in (but I set my alarm for CBS Sunday Morning).  🙂

Started my day at 6:50 a.m. because my clock was wacky.  Who knew that it automatically springs ahead?  (BTW. . . as an HR person, I can tell you that these clocks really mess you up when you fall back. . . and turn your clock back that already goes back.  Yes, my friends you will be one hour LATE. . . as several employees were last year.)

Went back to sleep after writing the rant listed below.

It was SO SUNNY AND GORGEOUS TODAY after a week of GLOOM.  Well, Monday was nice in WI, but I was in TX. . . where it was cold and misty.  Weird.

Finally got up, talked to my mom, and went in search of breakfast food.  Perkins was PACKED, but I wanted breakfast food. . . so I drove 30 minutes north to another place.  Also, busy, but it didn’t take too long.  I ordered a baked apple pancake, which takes ~30-40 minutes to make. . . but I had my Kindle so it was all good.  🙂  Mmmm. . . love baked apples so it was awesome by default.  🙂

Decided to go to my house, despite the fact that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get in.  Struggled with the lock for over 20 minutes, but a neighbor came over to try and help me.  She couldn’t get the combo lock either. . . but I walked around to the garage door and was able to lift it. . . and then when the garage door opened, we could see that the side door to the garage was open.  Awesome.  Glad I messed around for 30 minutes before figuring this out!

My neighbor came inside with me.  Her name is Becky (documenting this so I don’t forget it!). . . and she’s super-nice, helpful, and outgoing.  She seems to be close to my age, is married, and lives across the street.  Horray for friends!

House progress = awesome. . .

Brick is 100% finished!

Now if that stupid white tank could move out of the way. . .

The floor is all covered up, but my neighbor and I peeled away the paper and padding to take a peek! LOVE! 🙂

My basement is soooo big and bright!

Ready for plumbing if I ever have the $$ for finishing the basement. *ahem* Candice Olsen. 🙂

Better picture of my chandelier. . .

Oooh, pretty, shiny garage floor. . . 🙂

Went to the store and bought numerous items (including girl scout cookies for my work peeps). . . the girl scout girls rock.  I am a sucker for them because they are so stinkin’ cute. . . and have such good cashier skills for their ages.  🙂

Went through the car wash.  I never washed my car so much. . . ever. . . but I sometimes have to drive high-level candidates for lunch for interviews, and I want my car to be clean.  Tomorrow happens to be one of those days.  Why they would let me drive anyone important, given my skills is beyond me!

Went on a run.  It mostly sucked.  I am already REALLY sore so I predict tomorrow will be ugly.  I tried to just listen to music instead of doing C25K. . . but this was not very successful because I am running a stupid non-route so I can’t really track progress. . . and I’m in horrible shape right now so I need to stick to a plan.  Snails and turtles were passing on the left AND the right.  🙂  A few of my co-workers want to start running together after work.  I am not sure how this will work.  A) I am WAY out of shape.  They claim they are out of shape, but I doubt they are as bad as me. B) Music motivates me.  While I like being social, I’m not sure I’ll like running with people.  I like listening to stupid music and smiling to myself when the songs come on. . . the good thing about this would be that we’d be forcing ourselves to go AND leave work at a reasonable time to do it.  We’ll see.

I got bad news about my beloved Illini after that.  So many people are SO MAD about this. . . but come on, we did it to ourselves!  How do you blame the selection committee?

Watched 60 Minutes. . . I love when they interview this guy. . . a musical savant. . . amazing.  Simply amazing. . . Please deal with the stupid ad and watch.  He can basically plan any song in any key in ANY style.  I love “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Rhapsody in Blue.” Can you IMAGINE going to one of his concerts???  I get goosebumps just watching.;cbsCarousel

Watched Amazing Race.  For the record, I still love the cowboys.  🙂

Talked on the phone with Kevin. . . had a dream about two-stepping with him last night.  I’m hoping that my phone conversation will make me have another dream about this. . . because it was so much fun!  I’m in withdrawal!  Kevin will be nearby on business in April and is coming to visit. . . Maybe we will go dancing so I can keep up my skills (or lack thereof)  🙂

*sigh*. . . time for bed.  The end of a great weekend.

*Please note that I went to work on Saturday, and brought home work to do today, but that has not been successful.



  1. sorry about illini. there were a lot of people who were surprised that they didn’t make it.
    i wish they had made it and not k state.

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