Posted by: illinigirl | March 14, 2010


I can’t sleep. . . so what better a time for a rant?  🙂

Does is ever annoy you when you’re watching a show like. . .

“What Not to Wear”. . . and the person nominated is nominated by people who love her because she looks like a total homeless person. . . and she won’t let Nick Arrojo (or whoever the new guy is) cut her hair???  That bugs me so much.

Your hair looks like something small animals would nest in. . . would you just let them CUT YOUR HAIR?  Have you ever seen the show before?  People always end up looking better than they did when they arrived and people always change their tune.  You will be no different.  Trust them.

There’s one episode where the lady doesn’t cut her hair, and I was mad. . . actually MAD and bothered over the thing. . . because despite her lovely wardrobe and new make-up, her hair looked so yuck and boring.

I had these feelings when watching one of my new favorite HGTV hunks last night, Jamie Durie, (Lorne Hogan is still my favorite though–sorry Jamie) and also the show that comes on after it where they spruce up a block.

PEOPLE, you are having a HUGE and FREE makeover of your yard by experts, and you are going to fight them???  You’ve been living a sad home existence for the past few years, and suddenly, you are the experts?

I’m not saying that it’s risk-free to trust the experts. . . for example, the houses on Trading Spaces (back in the day) looked like hell.  I wouldn’t have trusted those people at all. . . but partially because they had to do everything on the cheap and some of the designers were straight-up crazy (and seriously, a homemade couch made of wood and tufting is NOT going to be practical in real life.)

BUT. . . on the aforementioned shows, they have proven track records. . . and they take your style into account.

Moral of the story = If anyone at HGTV wants to finish my basement (particularly Candice Olsen), I will not fight you on it.  (I live *closer* to Canada now. . . does that count for something?)  🙂


  1. they could do my house any day too. except for putting feathers on the wall (i think that was trading spaces and i would have been pissed).

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